流淌灰蘊生謐境 閒雲藏藝織美景


設計概念 Design Concept


延伸建築簡約潔白的外觀,詠絮室內設計 於室內描摹低調大氣的空間氣質,善用寬敞方正的格局與採光優勢,變換不同材質於場域中,展現豐富肌理與色彩的和諧交響曲,織就迎接未來美妙願景的夢想家宅

Upon entering the building, gradually surround amid the graceful and comfortable vibe. The polished marble, refined hardware, and sheeny mirrors form various shining pictures, which reflect against each other and bring about gorgeous and magnificent situations. In the meantime, exploit soft home furnishings of gray and pale colors to manifest the stable atmosphere and extraordinary homely temperament.

YUNG HSU INTERIOR DESIGN draw on the understated and dignified ambiance of the interior space to correspond to the simple white appearance of the structure. Take advantage of spacious square patterns and excellent lighting, and then exploit diversified materials of rich textures and colors to play a harmonious symphony. Ultimately create a dreamy house to usher in the vision of a wonderful future.

設計手法 Design Techniques

延伸外觀 視覺簡潔

Coherent minimalist features of interior and exterior


We construct the geometrical-shaped exterior appearance of the building with white walls and stone slabs, which is minimalist yet unique in taste. Abide by the same scheme, choose light-colored flowing veins marble to set the TV wall in the living room. In addition, set up the back wall of the sofa with different textured materials to shape the splendid imposing manner and simultaneously add diverse expressions of the space.

燈具選品 和諧點睛

Selected light fixtures match various spaces


Due to the agreeable height of the five-story building, we set up different height ceilings in separated areas. Moreover, install indirect lighting to provide a variety of illumination of the interior space. We also pay attention to the coordinated features; for instance, select a sheeny chandelier to marry the polished hardware of the walk-in closet; besides, in contrast to the stunning chandelier of the dining room, we set concise-shaped pendant lamps for the kitchen.

華麗大氣 鏡材相映

Shining materials reflect splendid imposing manner


The light white and brown leather sofa exudes elegant temperament, and the well-matched colors set off each other. In addition, we exploit a variety of materials with a mapping effect to cast out the distinguishing features of each space and brilliantly manifest the grandeur circumstance.


Audio-visual room


The leisure audio-visual room for greeting family guests equips large-scale French windows to bring transparent views and enhance daylighting. In the meantime, weaken the constricted feeling of the area that adjacent to the garage. The auric glamorous hanging paintings assort with a combination furnishing of different textures brilliantly fashion a gorgeous setting. The partition also serves as a TV wall and equips an electric projection screen for seeing movies. Unlike the ordinary solid wall, we use clear glass to couple with wooden frames to show lightweight and bright features. We splice mosaic bricks to finish the wall at the end of the corridor, which becomes a striking end view via the captivating linear pattern.


Living room


Colorful soft furnishings of warm brown, bright yellow, and soft blue tinges in the light-colored living room set off each other, bring vitality into the space. Exploit bump-stacking technique to set the marble TV wall, skillfully enhance the exceptional picture. Beside the window, we affix gray mirrors inside the wall-mounted display shelving and assort with the metallic trims on the pale marbling wall behind the sofa, which both possess reflection features, artfully add a splendid vibe to an otherwise elegant layout.


Dining room


We utilize composite materials to shape the load-bearing base of the exquisite stylish chandelier, which makes the dining room at the hub of the space attract people's attention. The left and right facades of the entrance to the kitchen are finished with tiles and gray mirrors, ingeniously lead the magnificent ambiance of the living room into the kitchen. Direct the sight to the staircases from the dining table, we adopt the identical concept, affix gray mirrors on the geometric-shaped walls to present the extraordinary taste.




The kitchen mainly adopts gray, black, and white color schemes. In addition, we exploit dark wooden veneers to outstretch the brown touches of the living and dining rooms and make the kitchen more neutral and coordinated. And, the simple-shaped pendant lights contrast the stunning chandelier of the dining room. The glass sliding door with a wood frame is the partition between the kitchen and the bathroom. In the meantime, take advantage of transparent glass to generate the effect of enlarging the space.


Master bedroom


The wall paneling, beddings, and taut leather headboard of gray tone bring about a serene and elegant vibe of the master bedroom. Embed black titanium trims into the chic linear-patterned back wall and embellish the sidewall with elegant wallpaper to make a finishing touch.


The walls in front of and behind the bed are designed in symmetrical patterns to generate an orderly delight. At the corner of the end, we skillfully hide a window, a bathroom sliding door to create a functional space.


Secondary bedroom


Take light wood veiny elements as the focal tonality of the secondary bedroom artfully brings about a casual and cozy atmosphere. Then, exploit delicate wood paneling to set the back wall of the desk in a layering pattern to add visual pleasure.


The wall behind the taut fabric headboard of an irregular pattern diverges from the ordinary plain design. And, the white linear storage cabinets present a concise feature. Also, effectively utilize the awkward corners, set up open built-in display cabinets. The clean hues and muted wood grain calmly send out a comfortable ambiance.


Children’s bedroom



Exploit composite materials and pure colors to layout a lively space and serves as the children's bedroom. Varnish the wood veneers of protrude upper and lower parts of the bedside wall and paste wallpapers on the concave middle section. Ingeniously eliminate the crossbeam pressure via the uneven design. Moreover, select bird-shaped light fixtures to enrich childlike features.

Erect a faux column beside the window to flawlessly parallel with the pillar of the symmetrical position, mount a built-in storage cabinet and decorate the inner with patterned wallpaper. Meticulously varnish the solid wood wall paneling at the end of the bed and embellish with varying dividing trims, artfully heighten the refined linear charm.


Multi-purpose room


The multi-purpose room on the top floor equips a balcony, which can appreciate beautiful outdoors scenes ideally utilize as a study, tea tasting space, or guest room. We exploit wood elements to create a natural and refreshing situation for the family to gather together happily. Then, take advantage of geometrical-patterned wall-mounted shelving to bring in the modern chic feature.








OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒



WOOD故事音樂盒結合置物的療癒小物 募資享早鳥優惠

ROOM by Le Kief X L:A BRUKET「NATURE」套餐神遊北歐

傷退時向開噓球迷比不雅手勢 格林:他們應得的


專訪/回歸初念 暖⼼綠意三部曲

翻閱易寬設計團隊的作品,始終漫溢絲絲入扣的暖意,尤其是近期陸續發布的三個商空、辦公室作品——《Fascino Coffee》、《辦公室》、《大謙牙醫》,空間中藉由綠意植栽的點綴,予人明媚春光氣息,於疫情的當下,著實呈現療癒、質樸之感。易寬設計 張華騫 設計總監 笑說,「作品散發的純粹感,或許跟我自己的個性有關係。」OPEN 團隊經過兩年的時間,又再度與張總監對話,並透過此次專題,大談「暖心綠意三部曲」的背後故事!

專訪/混搭比例心法 奠定雙贏品牌基石

清新雅緻的北歐住宅、古色古香的懷舊茶館、機能便利的現代辦公室,種種風格迥異的空間設計作品,皆出自 八寶空間美學 品牌之手!聚集多位耕耘業界已久的設計師,以堅實的經驗基礎,替客戶打造出多樣化的家宅與商空,透過本次專訪,八寶空間美學將分享公司的發展沿革,娓娓道來展露頭角前的心路歷程。

專訪/秉持「藝術・⽣活・綠意」設計核⼼ 續寫品牌故事

隨著後疫情時代的發展明朗,人們逐漸展開新生活,而猶如 京璽國際 周彥如 設計總監 提起的「不管發生什麼事情,做好準備的人即能生存」道理,這兩年,品牌團隊不僅沒受到影響,反而收穫更多,像是透過線上討論,便完工的作品,抑或舉辦多場線上課程及演講直播等活動,在在顯露京璽國際於疫情下仍豐收的精彩樣貌!

專訪/朝往水的序曲 沉浸美學異想

「用美學張力詮釋空間價值,從生活中體驗設計的感動」,放眼 澤序設計 張于廷 設計總監 打造的各式類型空間,總能看到顯露的質感及典雅,這不單僅是來自她個人的美學天賦,更為於每個設計沉浸過程,注入「純粹之心」後,呈現的視覺饗宴;而她樂於接受挑戰的個性,於近20年的設計生涯,始終保持不變,並形塑出自身獨有的一派風格,廣為業界所聞!


京璽國際 周彥如 設計總監 於每一個案件傳遞「藝術、生活、綠意」的設計理念,並注入質感、品味於空間,其中設計規劃的宅邸作品,更廣泛分佈兩岸,定調團隊的市場位置;此次專題將圍繞於高端宅的話題,利用近期作品講述,讓周總監帶給大家不同的設計世界!

流淌灰蘊生謐境 閒雲藏藝織美景




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