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設計概念Design Concept

留白、減少收納區位,創造合宜的居住空間,在整合業主對於將來空間的夢想藍圖後,澄境設計 鄭抿丹 設計總監 除去量體內使空間狹隘且採光不佳的一面隔牆,並劃設使視覺效果挑高寬敞的夾層,於一室純白中創造專屬個人的樂園

Comply with the property owner's blueprint of the dream home toward the future, CHENG CHING INTERIOR DESIGN design director Cheng Min Dan tears down a partition wall that makes the space narrow and poor daylight, further to plan the mezzanine that gives out the high and spacious visual effect, hence creates an exclusive paradise of pure white.

設計手法Design Techniques

收納簡化 量體化大

Minimize the stow arrangement, optimize the spatial layout


Due to the homeowner proposes of less storage demands, thus the design team plans the minimum stow layout to bring about the roomy perception; secondly, the furnishing of gray tone that works in concert with the ceiling, floor, and walls, as well to bring about the genial and bright atmosphere.

風格召喚 自然無印

Excellently achieve the nature style of “MUJI”


In response to the MUJI style, which advocates "less is more", the design team adopts the notion of "innate texture" to plan the refined and pure scheme. By way of the selected simple house furnishing, which presents the elegant and plain feature, eventually set up the harmonious spatial tone and the serene circumstance.

空間預留 劃設彈性

Pre-set the space for the convertible application


The design team tears down the former wall under the mezzanine, and then changes the three rooms pattern into the transparent and spacious configuration. The layout provides multiple functions for the property owner who lives alone. In case there's the special demand in the future, merely by way of fitting the matte glass on the guardrails of the mezzanine, it will be a detached space with sufficient light.

玄關The hallway


The wooden cabinet creates a touch of privacy, which makes the public area and the bedroom slightly separated from the hallway. The bathroom door is also implicitly placed on the left side. The floor of the mud area is constructed of cement, which is commonly used outdoors, further, decorates with a potted plant, which becomes an eye-catching view of the space.

餐廚區The kitchen and dining area


The kitchen and dining area is small-scale yet exquisite. The custom dining table and the fixed cabinets are meticulously set up by the design team, consequently brings about the glamorous feature of the space.

客廳The sitting area


The original public area pattern is narrow and dark, however, after demolished the compartment and reduce the storage space, the design team creates a well-lighted and open domain. Moreover, plan the neutral layout of the gray and brown tone that brings out the exclusive steady feature of the space.

夾層及樓梯間The mezzanine and the stairwell


Get rid of the habitual factors of the full-decor of the mezzanine, the design team plans the functions of laid-back and freely-usage, which not only makes the roomy perception, but also subtract the pressure of the small plot.


The stairwell is properly planned as the bookcase and display shelf, and the highest position sets up to hide the door pieces, so as to show the excellent spatial utilization.

主臥The master bedroom


The master bedroom meets all the demands of the homeowner. The design team adopts the scheme of natural burly wood, and then well display the Moai statue of the homeowner's collection; by way of the concise and rustic texture to shape the comfy private paradise.

衛浴The master bathroom




The floor of the master bedroom makes use of the tiles of imitated wooden texture

that brings about the balmy visual effect of the first sight. In view the homeowner is

fond of the feature of timber, hence, the design team hopes to put the warm touch

into the damp and cool space.


案名:Slow Soul






OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒



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2022 iF設計大獎入圍特別報導! 50%決選賽制夢幻雙作《無界無介》、《夢奇地》躍登國際!

世界四大設計獎之一的德國 iF 設計大獎(iF DESIGN AWARD),自1954 年創辦至今已擁有超過60 年的悠久歷史,在國際間具有指標性及前瞻性。而2022年 iF 設計大獎將透過線上初選,依據理念、外觀、功能、差異化與影響力等五項指標,評選出最優良的設計作品;根據官方資料顯示,此次評審團由20多個國家、132位設計界權威組成,總共有57 國、破萬件的優秀設計師作品參加賽事,最終遴選5435 件入圍,在僅有不到50%機率進入決選,唯有卓越的優秀作品,方能通過此等嚴苛的獲獎機制。

第十五屆美國IDA設計大獎 非凡之作《驀色香沉》勇奪國際殊榮

美國IDA 國際設計大獎(International Design Awards),旨在表彰「設立新標準」與「突破室內設計界限」、「改變人們生活和工作空間」的優秀設計師及團隊。以創新性、實用性和發展性等多種面向為評選標準,發掘建築、室內設計、產品設計、平面設計和時尚方面的新興人才,每年吸引來自數十個國家的頂尖設計者,競相角逐此項權威大獎!

第十五屆美國IDA設計大獎 時尚家飾店勇奪國際殊榮!

美國IDA 國際設計大獎(International Design Awards),旨在表彰「設立新標準」與「突破室內設計界限」、「改變人們生活和工作空間」的優秀設計師及團隊。以創新性、實用性和發展性等多種面向為評選標準,發掘建築、室內設計、產品設計、平面設計和時尚方面的新興人才,每年吸引來自數十個國家的頂尖設計者,競相角逐此項權威大獎!

【叡觀設計】第十五屆美國IDA設計大獎 黃威郡、卓玲妃驚艷雙作享譽國際!

美國IDA 國際設計大獎(International Design Awards),旨在表彰「設立新標準」與「突破室內設計界限」、「改變人們生活和工作空間」的優秀設計師及團隊。以創新性、實用性和發展性等多種面向為評選標準,發掘建築、室內設計、產品設計、平面設計和時尚方面的新興人才,每年吸引來自數十個國家的頂尖設計者,競相角逐此項權威大獎!

【現場直擊】做自己的人生! 丁菱娟 X 室內設計全新跨界對談

素有臺灣公關教母之稱的丁菱娟,為了提升新生代企業的品牌意識,特此創立影響力學院,引領各行業的創辦人,更被國際看見,而 舒杰室內設計 Debby 陳琬婷 則於室內設計領域,將專業、多元化的服務內容,帶給各類型空間及業主,兩人在人生經驗上,皆擁有大膽、堅韌不拔的特性,透過此次的跨界對談,OPEN團隊將給予讀者更多她們的不同面貌!

【專訪】橫掃英、美、韓國際大獎 突破風格界限設計心法

憑藉呼應使用者需求,風格各異的作品,擄獲各項國際賽事青睞,澄境設計 鄭抿丹 設計總監 懷抱挑戰心情,以及滿足業主所需的心念,帶領團隊在各式類型領域深耕發展。以不侷限自我的心態,開拓嶄新設計邊界的總監,在此次專訪中,將分享獲獎心路歷程,訴說空間設計心得!



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