回歸爛漫童心 沈色繆思美境


設計概念 Design concept

憶及孩提遊戲,發想自兒時彈珠台,共構設計 吳君星 黃惠婷 設計師 以「遊樂」為出發點,化用彈珠台架構為空間隔屏,搭佐桌椅家具等軟裝配件,使得人的移動如同彈珠在機台中行進,在前後開闊、中段狹隘的場域中,體會多層次的驚喜感受,享受接待場所的豐富韻味,投身獨特的繽紛絢爛之中

Recall the childhood games, and inspire from the concept of "amusement"; Gong Gou Design designer Camby and Verna Huang transform the feature of the pinball machine to set up the spatial partition screens. Couple with the furnishing as tables, chairs, and other art-decors to create the winding flow, while people move around just like the pinball rolls on the machine. Layout the front and back areas of open pattern and the central domain of compact structure to experience the phenomenal feeling of multi-phases. Pleasantly enjoy the glamorous charm and exceptional ambiance of a parlor venue.

設計手法 Design Techniques


Diversify contemporary style


Differing the light fixture of single-linear pattern; set up the zigzag track lights to show the unique interest. The exposed pipelines on the ceiling bring about the unpolished and concise features of Loft style. Additionally, apply plenty of exquisite molding panels on the wall to replace the simple dividing linear pattern, which looks more solid and warm. The stabilizing and distinguished color themes highlight the neoclassical style and adorn the whole space with trendy British elements.


Whimsical trendy layout


Exploit the curved and asymmetrical pattern of the impression of the pinball game, which enriches the details of the space. The delighted childlike field provides a diversified flow for people to explore in any direction; and zestfully receive the brand new experience of the joyful space.


Polychrome display theme


The configuration mainly meets the design idea of stacking building blocks and takes advantage of the metallic lacquer to enhance the atmosphere. Set up some auburn display shelves in each area, besides balance the spatial tone; moreover, bring out the compatible texture and color scheme of wood preferred by the homeowner. While displaying the products, add the striking visual sensation of the area at the same time.

會議區 Conference area


Make use of gray glass to heighten the details visually. Then, exploit the indigo wall panels, metallic display shelf, burnt-orange interior wall, and glass partition to create an impressive color combination. Moreover, the recessed illumination of the elevated floor generates the layering charm. The solid wooden wall panels via the dyeing processing that link up the rear section with the conference area. Furthermore, the diagonal design ran up the wall follows the same direction of the proprietor serves the VIPs, which signify the meaning of toward the future together.


Besides, take advantage of the cement texture of the half part sidewall in the conference area to work in concert with the Loft style. The stone coffee table equips iron legs that present the composed stylish charm, as well as set off the advanced warm tone of the leather lounge chairs.

接待沏茶區 Reception and tea making area


The antique surface of the marble table finishes with the gray mirror that via hydrofluoric acid treatment, the unique matte touch of chilly tone beautifies the area. The central back wall is adhered with molding tiles of golden pattern; and assorts with the varnished metallic display shelves to insinuate the perfection of fluent interaction and overflowing wealth through the circular flowery element. The unembellished potted landscape and solid wood tea tray reveals the Zen spirit; while declares the humble and sedate attitude of the proprietor.

廊道 The corridor


While winding along the corridor, there are endless highlights lay in the capacious front-back areas and the compact central structure. The track lights depart from the conventional linear pattern; besides enriches the visual effect, also brings out the dynamic feature in the air.

多功能區 Multi-function area


The burnt-orange wooden panels via CNC lathe processing, and then polish the appearance to exercise the glorious natural marking texture and flow-wave feature. The image implies that even the handling process has gone through hardships, at last will achieve delightful success.


The TV wall of the rustic stone texture forms a contrast with the refined molding panels. The display shelf behind the sofa is at the fortune position of geomancy, yet the designer meticulously set the unobtrusive location to represent the meaning of not revealing the wealth. Also, ingeniously utilize the height differences of coffee table, sofa, cabinet, and shelf to appear the gradation of eyeshot.


Adopt the bright color scheme to fix a cabinet below the TV wall, which adds varied light and shadow. Follow the sight to the end of the location; make use of glass to separate from the other area, so that creates the interlinked and transparent situation.

品酒空間 Wine-tasting area


In the wine-tasting space, a row wooden cabinet of milk-tea tone and inlay striking metallic stripes; gently reveal the neoclassical charm. The material echoes the display shelves above that brings about the glamorous feature of the space.


The marble-clad island is made of the same material as the cabinets below the display shelves and interlinked with a solid wooden table. The table equip with a customized thick support, which conveys a stable and reassurance perception. Thereupon, people enjoy the laid-back ambiance peacefully amid the noble and elegant environment.








OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


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【現場直擊】做自己的人生! 丁菱娟 X 室內設計全新跨界對談

素有臺灣公關教母之稱的丁菱娟,為了提升新生代企業的品牌意識,特此創立影響力學院,引領各行業的創辦人,更被國際看見,而 舒杰室內設計 Debby 陳琬婷 則於室內設計領域,將專業、多元化的服務內容,帶給各類型空間及業主,兩人在人生經驗上,皆擁有大膽、堅韌不拔的特性,透過此次的跨界對談,OPEN團隊將給予讀者更多她們的不同面貌!

【專訪】橫掃英、美、韓國際大獎 突破風格界限設計心法

憑藉呼應使用者需求,風格各異的作品,擄獲各項國際賽事青睞,澄境設計 鄭抿丹 設計總監 懷抱挑戰心情,以及滿足業主所需的心念,帶領團隊在各式類型領域深耕發展。以不侷限自我的心態,開拓嶄新設計邊界的總監,在此次專訪中,將分享獲獎心路歷程,訴說空間設計心得!

【專訪】追尋美麗境地 一趟永無終點的設計之旅

「當『麗境』被提起時,我希望人們能直覺聯想到,一處美麗舒適的環境,同時也是品質保證的代表。」欣賞著 麗境設計 Lilian 設計總監 的空間設計作品,從視覺畫面的層層遞進,至燈飾、畫作的巧妙點綴,每一片寧靜穩重、又不失獨特個性的風景,都是她對「美」的執著與追求。

第十五屆美國IDA設計大獎 吳君星、黃惠婷巧攬童趣喜獲國際榮耀

美國IDA 國際設計大獎(International Design Awards),旨在表彰「設立新標準」與「突破室內設計界限」、「改變人們生活和工作空間」的優秀設計師及團隊。以創新性、實用性和發展性等多種面向為評選標準,發掘建築、室內設計、產品設計、平面設計和時尚方面的新興人才,每年吸引來自數十個國家的頂尖設計者,競相角逐此項權威大獎!

光影漫遊辦公場所 晨光溢暖輕緩無壓

本案為室內設計工作室,以打造自由揮灑創意的無壓環境為目標,共構設計 吳君星 黃惠婷 設計師 依循建案原有特性,延伸空間機能的巧思、挑高結構及大面積採光成為設計核心,藉由導引流動感與添加生命力,形塑減輕並釋放壓力的氛圍;自然光線的引入,帶來沐浴身心的舒緩效果,隨著時間推移,光影於其中流動變化,去除都市生活的緊繃氣息,營造一處步調優雅的古典辦公場所。

輕弭喧囂 沉醉漫藍——Fascino Coffee

比鄰台中火車站,五十多年歷史的老街屋,藉由 易寬設計 張華騫 設計總監 對生活本質及美學的見地,被打造為一處傳遞「質樸」及「再生」概念的咖啡廳,讓賓客享受美食之餘,也能沉浸場域給予的文化氛圍。



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