Hey Buddy!Let's Eat! 醇厚美式憶往風情年華



川寓設計 鍾富安 主持設計師


The restaurant located in the bustling block exudes a mellow industrial atmosphere. The design concept inspired of the proprietor's preference, take the advantage of an abandoned warehouse, which integrates the elements such as iron sheet, cement, red brick, wood, etc., bringing about a rough and uninhibited spatial circumstance.

CHUAN_YU INTERIOR DESIGN chief designer Peter Chung by way of the collocation of similar color hue and varied materials, moreover with the original texture of the materials to state the essence, thence create various visual sensations; at the same time bring out abundant and distinct implication of the space.



Set up sofas at both sides of the dining area, and adjustable tables and chairs are on the aisle. Consequently, with non-standard and casual seating division, so as to achieve the free flow of the space.

No matter one person, two people or groups of people, all can talk freely and being around the most comfortable dining atmosphere, thus to enjoy the free style of such comfy space!




The restaurant is located on the first floor of the building. Restricted by the built-in abnormal pattern, we make use of materials to construct the faint boundary to manifest the transformation of different function areas. For example, the corridor wall adjacent to the bar with a distinctive patina color hue partition, and converted into a bulletin board and display wall, so that while the customers waiting here for checkout would not feel bored.

Mounted old timbers on the mottled red brick wall and assort with exposed line-pipes and the stucco flooring, shaped into a strong industry style atmosphere.The jumbo wooden strips are the image of the factory building beams, which plays a role of guiding the direction and as well as in visual coordination.

The hollowed iron lightings and rusty iron chains both add a little weightless element to the space. The wooden plank dining tables are dyed and polished, which presenting the dated-wood appearance that has been weathered by history.

空間中的亮點之一,為客製的街頭塗鴉牆,我們請到專門的繪師,復刻美國紐約布魯克林街頭意象,貼以色塊參差的舊木,構築一道Street Culture景致!

One of the highlights of the space is the custom street graffiti wall. We invite a professional painter to reproduce the street image of Brooklyn, New York, USA. And collage with dated timber of uneven color lumps; thence bring about a street culture landscape.


In order to avoid the high ceiling appearing too empty, we especially designed long strip lightings to lower the vision. By way of the light reflection, thence outline a top-down extension effect.

The table top of the bar is utilized with recycled pine board, which coordinate with galvanized iron plate movable door of streak surface, and extended to the upper mesh metal grid, so as to give full play of the specific industrial design characteristics such as hardware, welding and open layout.


The varnishing black ceiling, the bare pipelines without cladding treatment and the old aluminum windows that obscured with wooden pallets, all above bring about a rich industrial situation.

The mini bar by the window is made of steel brushwood peel dyed grey, and connected with the hollow concrete brick wall, thence create the simple tone of the whole space.

The wooden door of the entrance is Taiwan hinoki, which was taken down from an old hall of the Japanese era, as well to bring the aged object alive!


案名:Hey Buddy!Let's Eat!






OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


NBA/重磅交易! 湖人向巫師盤來衛少組成三巨頭

銅板價員工餐「牛排吃到飽」 網友見照暴動:我要填履歷!

NBA/湖人積極尋求補強 端庫茲瑪交易包找買家

樸實《酌藝》景緻 挹注寧寂日常


2021 MUSE Design Awards 黃威郡、卓玲妃銳不可擋雙金入袋

叡觀設計 黃威郡、卓玲妃 設計總監 在辦公室作品《Infinite Creativity》及《Joyful Cosmos》中,皆展現業主鮮明的風格特色;前者透過建築氣度,加乘動力美學的概念打造,後者則是以傳遞歡樂為主旨,創造城市星球意象,並帶入空間,兩個魅力之作同時榮獲賽事「金獎」的肯定!

2021 MUSE Design Awards 繽紛軟裝店勇奪鉑金大獎

MUSE Design Awards 由歷史悠久的國際獎項協會International Awards Associates(IAA)主辦,以發掘全球設計繆思為宗旨,為建築、室內、時尚等領域提供全面的發光舞台,每年嚴格的評分標準,吸引國際知名品牌與設計師爭相參與。

2019-2020 A' Design Award 陳麗敏多元美學贏得雙獎

自2010年創辦至今,連年為上百種設計領域菁英舉辦的義大利A' Design Award,從其名稱以帶頭的英文字母「A」為首,加上角分符號「’(Prime)」,傳達出從優秀作品中力求卓絕設計的強大心念,每年都吸引許多優秀設計師一同角逐賽事,更被譽為「歐洲設計界奧斯卡」。2020年,218位經驗豐富與專業人士組合成的評審團隊,自全球超過180個國家、超過4萬餘份的作品中選出設計領域的佼佼者。

2020-2021地產設計大獎 簡兆芝藏金筆法亮眼奪獎


2020-2021地產設計大獎 李翊菲時尚美學《湛藍靡麗》斬獲佳績!

作為中國首個地產行業的國際性設計賽事——「CREDAWARD 地產設計大獎.中國」,開創以地產角度評選設計,由海內外學術界、地產界、媒體界的專業人士,共同組成評審團隊,以嚴謹的評選流程、公開的評選模式、嚴苛的獲獎機制,迅速成長為中國地產行業極具影響力,以及號召力的設計大獎,被譽為「最難獲得大獎」之一,今年更吸引超過1900份作品,涵蓋17個國家和地區的500多家機構!

2020-2021地產設計大獎 周彥如日式料理亭風光奪獎




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