淺嚐漫照橫流光影 細品典雅家居場景


設計概念Design Concept

本案設計重點為精緻的硬、軟裝工藝,以及多元材質的拼接、搭配技巧;另外, 愛丽設計A’LUX Design 李翊菲 設計總監 為滿足居家環境的舒適感,於公、私領域皆引入大量的外部自然光源,結合室內的造型燈飾,形成多變的光影線條,共同營造舒適放鬆的情境氛圍,最終呈現如精品飯店般高雅細膩,又飽含業主 個性品味的居住空間

The focal concept of the design mainly exploits the exquisite furnishing craftsmanship, as well as the splicing and matching artistry of multiple materials. In addition, A’LUX Design design director CoCo Lee introduces abundant natural lighting into the public and private spaces to bring about the comfy homey circumstance, moreover, coupled with the interior modeling lamps, hence forms the captivating light and shadow, thereupon creates the cozy and laid-back atmosphere. Ultimately, manifest an elegant and delicate residential space full of the property owner's exceptional taste.

設計手法Design Techniques

配襯多元建材 調和質地觸感

Coordinate with multiple building materials to harmonize the texture and the touching


Divide the multiple building materials into two parts - stiff and soft texture, and then excellently integrate and balance the features. At the first regard to the stiff texture, utilize the tawny glass to conceal the hidden door, moreover, by means of the smooth and concise superficial texture of marble and white crystal tile to set up the wall and the floor, so that shapes the glamorous tone of the overall space. Furthermore, exploit the soft elements such as textile wall covering and leather to fix up the metope, which softens the frigid sense of the stone. At the same time, the leather and woolen furnishing layout brings out the attractive features of tactile and visual perceptions.

變置光源形式 塑造情境氛圍

Take advantages of different illumination to create the surrounding ambience


The crystal chandelier settings in the dining area and the bathroom concentrate the vision on the custom-made dining table and the bathtub. And with the glittering and translucent luster to work in concert with the smooth and glossy stonewall and floor, hence, bring about the eye-catching and noble scenes. In addition to set up large-scale windows to introduce the natural sunlight into the living area and the bedroom, moreover, takes the advantage of the gentle recessed lights to help the diverse soft furnishings stand out the natural texture in the daylight.

巧設雕花面板 指引空間動線

Ingeniously set the captivating vaulted ceiling of carved pattern to guide the flow of the space


The ceiling is decorated with various moldings, which creates the light and shadow layering, in the meantime incorporates the neo-classical element into the modern vogue style. The ceiling of the entryway and the central corridor exploits the inlaying and collaging techniques to fashion the engraved diamond shape, which guides the flow via the unique molding, and vaguely divide the different areas at the same time.


The entryway


Set up a screen at the entryway to shield the internal area and ensure the privacy of the householder, besides to skirt the issue of the "evil hallway" of geomancy taboo, the design of five fan-shaped pattern also possesses the meaning of "Five blessings in a row". The screen is composed of stone, copper, and titanium-plated metal, as well as white agate and mica flakes that are difficult to be processed due to fragility. The delicate and stylish craftsmanship coupled with the vivid light from the displaying lights above, generate the stunning first impression of the residence.


Looking along the tile floor of the diamond-figure that echoes the ceiling pattern, a glass feature wall is set to display the property owner's favorite painting of Gustav Klimt, which riches the romantic artistry and the exclusive personality. The automated sliding door of the cloakroom by the entrance is made of lizard texture cowhide, titanium-plated metal, and striped tawny glass, and equipped with the inductive illumination, which put in the exquisite displaying feature in addition to the storage function.


The living area


The wall at the back of the sofa is constructed with the tawny glass spliced with the silk texture cloth of different widths, which as the modification between the cowhide sofa and the marble wall. The frame of the TV wall adopts the beveled cutting technique; and embeds the light to set off the warming feature of the stone. Meticulously select the marble for two main walls of the living area, the symmetrical V-shaped texture with the effect of enlarging the space, furthermore, excellently assort with various furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and by way of integrating the multiple materials to create the astonishing layout for people to appreciate.


The large-scale French windows are equipped with the double -layer curtain made of cotton, linen, and metallic yarn. When the sunlight shines into the room, the light and shadow becomes more colorful. And then lay a laser engraving horsehair carpet of scaly texture on the ground to moderate the chill visual perception of the white crystal tiles. The midrange loudspeakers that set up amid the ceiling and the metope broadcast various music modes, which follows the house owner's preference or the nature of the current activity, thence perfectly convert the mood of the living area at any time.


The dinging area and the kitchen


The top and both sides of the corridor in between the dining area and the living area with inlaid mirrors to expand the vision. The shade tinge of the tawny glass and the reflection of low Chroma at the transition shape the metaphor of " welcoming the bright ". Moreover, set up an electric induction door of tawny glass with classical flower patterns, which possesses the anti-pinch function, both takes safety and stylish feature into account.


Custom-made the marble dining table with leather table legs, which echoes the image of the main wall of the living area by means of the same material. In addition to the normal dining chairs, two silver barrel-shaped stools to meet the seating needs of guests when visiting, other than can be also used as the art-decor in the ordinary days. The wall at the rear is constructed with a mirror and two molding panels, which extends the frame pattern of the ceiling, and at the same time, ingeniously conceals the maid room and the pantry room.


As the focal vision of the dining area, the feature wall is composed of Italian glazed wall covering, titanium-plated metal, marble, and golden yarn laminated glass. The hidden doors on both sides lead to the guest room and the study respectively. With the symmetrical modeling and the semi-penetrate glossy materials, not only excellently divide the public and private areas, but also meet the finishing requirement, moreover, work in concert with the lustrous rays of the crystal chandelier, hence creates the gorgeous circumstance.


The master bedroom


Different from the bright and eye-catching public domain, the master bedroom is planned of genial and stable atmosphere. The floor is made of teak that the sedate tinge and rustic touching well matched the mild nightstand lamps of the bedside; thence bring about the elegant and tranquil feeling. The bedside wall is constructed with leather of pale tone and silk wall cloth, and by way of the delicate stitch craft and linear segmentation techniques, perfectly conceals the original beam and the storage of the building.


The bathrooms


Diligently select stones of white tone as the unified tinge for the bathrooms, moreover takes the advantages of the unique natural texture of crystal jade, blue velvet limestone, and marble, thereupon bring about different styles and texture of the three bathrooms. The molding ceiling highlight the feature of the chandelier, meanwhile, cast the layering of the light and shadow. Ultimately, the householders would appreciate the exquisite and honorable sensation in the most private and exclusive space.






設計團隊:愛丽設計 A’LUX Design



OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


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灰調氣韻漫流室 共編廓落沐光屋

透過低飽和度灰色的採用,佐以鮮明色彩,形塑居家的沉著舒適感,在成就低調氣韻的同時,創造豐富的設計感,使得屋中不乏令人眼睛為之一亮之處;除此之外,詠絮設計 在異材質的使用上,亦有所劃設追求,綜合用料細節以及房屋基調的設定,灰調氤氳的室內,石材以及各式軟裝共織而成氣派的實品屋景緻。

淺嚐漫照橫流光影 細品典雅家居場景

本案設計重點為精緻的硬、軟裝工藝,以及多元材質的拼接、搭配技巧;另外,愛丽設計A’LUX Design 李翊菲 設計總監 為滿足居家環境的舒適感,於公、私領域皆引入大量的外部自然光源,結合室內的造型燈飾,形成多變的光影線條,共同營造舒適放鬆的情境氛圍,最終呈現如精品飯店般高雅細膩,又飽含業主個性品味的居住空間。

淺嚐漫照橫流光影 細品典雅家居場景

本案設計重點為精緻的硬、軟裝工藝,以及多元材質的拼接、搭配技巧;另外,愛丽設計A’LUX Design 李翊菲 設計總監 為滿足居家環境的舒適感,於公、私領域皆引入大量的外部自然光源,結合室內的造型燈飾,形成多變的光影線條,共同營造舒適放鬆的情境氛圍,最終呈現如精品飯店般高雅細膩,又飽含業主個性品味的居住空間。




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