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巧施風水靈動手筆 描繪敞亮住宅場景


設計概念Design Concept

風水,為中國人蘊藏數千年的習俗,儘管萬物更迭,方位卦象、趨吉避凶的家居設計,仍是華人文化裡不可忽視的元素要件。業主對於案場的要求為「明亮」,呼應了風水中帶進好運氣的明廳概念,羽築設計 徐汎羽 設計總監 的設計手法亦著重「開敞」,以無梁柱概念增添透視的延伸感

Geomancy - a Chinese custom that persists thousands of years, and nowadays is still an essential element of the interior design in pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster. The major requirement of the property owner for the site is "bright", which echoes the concept that a clear-sighted space would bring good luck. Therefore, Feather Design design director Hsu Fan-Yu accentuates on the "open" layout; adopt the flat slab construction concept to bring out the penetrating and extending visual perception.


We measure all the dimensions of the house furnishing in compliance with the red scripts on the "carpenter's square", which indicates the desire of the homeowner of praying for the good fortune for the whole family. The good fortune should be taken care of, as well as the body and mind, thereupon we make use of the anti-sensitivity coating for the space. The spatial pattern holds the principle of "harmony is precious", thus we transform any facade with rigid right angles into arc shape to reply harmonious and well-rounded living attitude.

設計方法Design Techniques


Interactive configuration of dual factors


Exploit two different aspects to construct the synergistic space. First, take the advantage of the "penetration and brightness" layout of the whole space, and well utilized the color scheme and curve lines to create the layering visual sense, thence cast the refreshing yet warm-hearted touching of the entertaining space, the lounge room and the living area. Moreover, the functional design gently leads the fluent and well-matched feature of the space. We make use of the character of glass mirrors to soften the sharp right angles and extending the sightline of the site, meantime creates the grand and elegant atmosphere, look to be hearkening the symphony.


Harmony of Chinese and western patterns accommodate each other.


Secondly, the functional elements of the space are incorporate of Chinese and western style. Taking the marble kitchen island as an example, the edge chamfering treatment presents the Continental style, which is the most challenging item in design and construction. Furthermore, the kitchen appliances, the master bedroom, the second bedrooms, audio-visual room and other spatial patterns all comply with the red lucky numbers on the "carpenter's square", which work in concert with the housing geomancy of Chinese faith. The vertical and horizontal site plans by way of the excellent design techniques are well organized.


Appropriate planning and designing


This is a five-story building including the basement. The basement is an audio-visual entertaining space; the ground floor serves as an entry hall, the living area and the kitchen; the second floor is the master bedroom with a walk-in closet; the third floor is the children's bedroom and activity space; the fourth floor is the lounge room for the home-owner to entertain friends and guests; each floor fits the family members' demands. The configuration of the whole space meets the property owner's requirement of "bright, open and good fortune". For instance, the kitchen should not face the entrance directly; hence erect the kitchen island to block vision, and the mirror veneering of some upright surfaces that forms the spacious circumstance, and as a consequence construct the comfy and glamour living space.


Pure essence and distinctive charm


Whether the marble material, the tawny mirrors, or the tan solid wooden shelves of titanium plating treatment that all emit the luxury yet low-key texture. The headboard of the b.living room abandons the conventional square timber design, alter to use bind cloth, and assort with the system panels of stone grain; by way of exploiting the unified hue and retain the natural quality of the material, so as bringing about the mild atmosphere of the space. The exclusive craftsmanship design manifests the stylish and function elements at the same time.









OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


他問老風水的觀念是不是該改了? 網酸:只是用來殺價的

王力宏獎盃牆引熱議 周董妙虧「風水的」

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揮灑自然寬闊意象 清朗公設綻放風光

業主在情境上表達了對原初系色調如暖木色、自然意象的喜愛,於是 禾森設計 杜智孟 設計總監 依循其想法加以劃設,使整體景觀具渾然天成的壯闊風光;引渡山水意象進駐公設,突破日常的天地壁構圖,採用波浪符號以及相異的材質與色樣,最終鋪敘出色彩濃豔卻寬闊非凡、具流動性的量體景觀。

人生四十 平凡之路鍊就非凡人生!

人生四十,正是生命璀璨綻放之際,我們磨去生活與個性中的稜稜角角,進退得宜,且更懂得溝通之道;減去幾分少時的張揚,煉出逐漸純青的成熟。而 軒宇室內設計 戴文軒 設計總監 進入到這個年紀,對於創業之初與現今,有著變與不變的堅持,也在其中為自己注入許多人生體會,現在就讓我們踏上時空的迴廊,透過與總監的訪談一同了解他的故事吧!

巧施風水靈動手筆 描繪敞亮住宅場景

風水,為中國人蘊藏數千年的習俗,儘管萬物更迭,方位卦象、趨吉避凶的家居設計,仍是華人文化裡不可忽視的元素要件。業主對於案場的要求為「明亮」,呼應了風水中帶進好運氣的明廳概念,羽築設計 徐汎羽 設計總監 的設計手法亦著重「開敞」,以無梁柱概念增添透視的延伸感。




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