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太可惡!妙齡女在信義威秀被潑糞屎桶蓋頭 警追口罩男

悠然浸散自然底蘊 清雅呼應中庸之道


設計理念Design Concept


一如瑞典的快樂哲學:「足夠就是最好(Lagom är bäst)」,在生活的每一個面向裡享受平衡,把時間花在益加重要的事情上。恰與中國儒家倡導的「中庸之道」相應,以自然融入而非突圍而出的形式,感受恰到好處的境語,及真切存在的溫度。

Life is an art of observing and interpreting with the whole heart.

Enjoying every moment, never in rush, and always believe that neither more, nor less.

"Enough is the best " (Lagom är bäst) that identical to the philosophy of happiness in Sweden. Adequately enjoy every aspect of life, and spend time on the more important things.

Also corresponding to the "Golden Mean" of the Chinese Confucianism, which takes the form of natural integration rather than breakthrough. Just as the saying - “Moderation is the key to a happy life."




卸除30載光陰的厚重舊貌,重釐居宅架構,以簡潔形構、明亮調性,呈顯空間原始樣貌 。大量自然質材挹注其中,材料色相及家具陳設,隨時序推移光影流轉,幻化自在平和的姿影,使居者靜心感受——簡而美、靜而穩的生活臻境。

Comply with the theme of moderate handling and flexible designing, which interpret a freely appreciable rhythm of the space.

Do not deliberately add excessive ornaments, nor complicated arrangement phases.

To exploit fine quality materials and function elements of the space to bring about the moderate specialty of logam, which of "neither more, nor less; enough is the best".

Accordingly, achieved the design purpose of backward to the nature and a perpetual living surrounding.

Eliminate the dated dim appearance and transform the structure of the residence.

By way of the concise configuration and bright tonality, which presents the original mode of the space.

As time goes by, the abundant number of natural materials of the furnishing and display that emit the tranquil and peaceful ambience in the light and shadow.

Thence, bring out a simple, elegant, calm and stable living circumstance for the residents.






In recent years, the design culture gradually not characterized with stylish; instead, of pursuing exquisite quality in a small number of elements. Revert to simplicity of life attitude, backtracking the nature environment and cherish the present.

Re-divide the area properties and set boundaries. Introduce the sunshine from each side of the space, and by mean of the penetrating and open flow to convey the spatial depth with the extending or sustained elements.

Design the functions of each individual area appropriately; explore various possibilities of life mode. Consequently, possess a comfy and smooth perfect residence.


The wooden grille vaguely splits the flow of the passage, which brings the dynamic sense of movement and privacy of the area.

In addition to build up the feature, and by mean of the fitting blank space that also creates a scene of the hallway.

不慍不火的色澤,不增不減的光源,為生活挹注不多不少的溫度。光暈投射在木質的序列,若隱若現的光氛,聚焦而安定。 減去繁複的材料層疊,僅以木料平均錯置其中,於水平垂直之間,輪廓漸變、層次分明,聯袂空間的溫度,與生活的溫潤。

The pleasurable hue and moderate light that balance the warmth of life appropriately.

The light projects through the wooden grille, and the vaguely glow brings out the gentle and stable atmosphere.

Diminish the complex piles of materials, and merely exploit timber to arrange evenly in the space. Between the horizontal and vertical, the outline gradually changed and the gradation is clear that brings about the spatial temperature and the warmth of life.


The cabinets adopt simplified linear surface, which with bright effect and then brings the vision focus. The blank space also indicates the philosophy of simple life.


Via the white texture of the material and the façade lineal of the kitchen and dining areas, which construct the layering aesthetics of the space.

The pure and mild circumstance modified the established impression of messy minutiae.

The tender light that vaguely link up the unique layout.


The design provides well interaction for the family members. The open pattern not only introduce the outdoors scenery, and also makes the zone lively, thence construct a plain and cozy daily landscape.


The sitting area is built with various lineal configurations, which takes on well resting function. Does not do excessive decoration, as well as letting the furniture become the main role of the space. By mean of a couple of fine quality furnishing and contrast tinge, faintly divide the area.


Lay a table and a chair, which seems to have the conversation and interact quietly in the subtle changes of light and shadow.


Hide the circuit function into the fixed cabinets to bring out a neat and tidy perception, also simplify the furnishing.

The cabinet body amalgamate with the wall into a whole that presents harmonize details in the space and life.


By means of semi penetrating, the medium of the space links up the vision and light.

With time sequence, in the light and shadow, form a serene axis...


Walls appear in different forms in the space, either defining the zone character or generating interaction.

Such as the wall in the bedroom is semi-penetrate, seems partition but not divided.

Moderately bring about the light and shade layering.


In the process of the simplify design, in order to distinguish the nature of each area, therefore via the texture of the materials and the changes of hue to bring out the different functional properties.

At the same time, interprets a kind of - the ultimate taste of life.






設計團隊:圭侯設計 洪文諒 設計總監



OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


牙醫黃菁菁高專歸化 活髓研究連貓熊團團都受用

2019高被引學者黃信銘 1年半內榮登三大世界權威期刊

黃信銘物理跨國研究 一年半內榮登三大權威期刊

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冷色迷離灰調宅 漫走朦朧境線間

低飽和色調予人沉穩感受,現代風的陳設袒露質感時尚,本次 諾禾空間設計 張家翰 謝崇孝 與 Eliz Furniture艾立思國際家飾 攜手合作,以大氣沉著氛圍作為場域基調,選用鐵件、金屬、磁磚等冷調材質,搭配特色家具以及冷色軟裝,創造一處使人自在徜徉天地。

藝術雲集寄寓品味奇想 光影唱和交織家人心語

奧古斯丁曾經說過:「美是各部分的適當比例,再加一種悅目的顏色。」京璽國際 周彥如 設計總監 的樣板間作品《濟南旅遊路金茂府》,運用多材質的軟裝,堆疊出看似隨興的藝廊展演,將細心調配的比例原則,不著痕跡融於其中,成為支撐設計語言的精神骨幹,恪守理性卻不死板,滿溢感性而不失序。每當轉過一處牆角,原本為壁面所隱蔽的空間,便會再度於眼前豁然開朗,以通透視野開展全新的柳暗花明。

萬象肆溢流淌 鑿刻品味宅邸

將存於天地萬物之中的「道」,轉化爲安頓人們「身、心、靈」療癒的場所,仝育設計 莊媛婷、鄭瑞文 總監 此次讓自然及心靈相融在百坪宅邸內,運用北見橡木、大理石等冷暖調性石木材,貫穿於全場域,加以天壁圓融的設計手法,使整體空間予人沁心且悠然的情意、處處領會細膩純粹!

以人為本 富足心靈的雋永空間詩人

詩的載體並不限於文字。作為一名以空間為詩的創作者,莊軒誠 設計總監 及俬設計 總是能以簡練的設計語彙,重新詮釋業主的情感及生活故事,吸引眾人細細解讀箇中況味。 一日早晨,莊總監接受OPEN團隊專訪,娓娓道來於業界耕耘十餘年的心境和際遇,言談之間提供許多截然不同的觀點,讓我們重新認識人、設計與美學三者間的緊密關聯,展現新奇豐富的思考角度。

著名作詞人/暢銷書作家 X 室內設計:幕後推手的真情對談!

「即便我們的職業不同,想要回歸人本初心、打造一個讓人有共鳴的事物,這點是一樣的!」本次OPEN團隊邀請到著名作詞人/暢銷書作家 何厚華 老師與 易寬設計 張華騫 設計總監 進行跨界對談,藉此難能可貴的機會,揭開網紅店設計師與創作者兼教育家的幕後樣貌,將兩人為人著想的心念、於空間、於創作注入的溫暖情感,展現於舞台前!

GOOD OLD DAYS選物店 清新泥白綻放明媚

緊鄰熱鬧的頂溪捷運站,且於醒目的三角窗位置,伊歐探索空間設計 鄭又銘 設計總監 與其設計團隊 利用此特性,加以擅長的色彩學營造場域手法,於空間中採用材料原始的質感,不添加繁瑣的裝飾,讓商品成為真正的主角,打造一處攫取目光的設計選物店!

中性基調的風格設計師 50:50領會空間靈魂

「我想對10年後的自己說,不要忘記當初的好奇心」,這是 R10 spatiallab|瑞天空間製研所 林靖太 總監 在訪談中的真情流露。而這份初衷也反映在總監的設計裡,其風格著重在「現代極簡的中性基調」,並擅長利用50:50的硬軟裝設計,將腦袋中的想法變成空間裡的真實模樣,也重視場域與人之間的互動和連結,讓人身處其中,能感到舒適且與眾不同。相信近年深受不同年齡層業主喜愛的林總監,在品牌與個人背後必定有精彩故事,緊接著就讓我們一起來看看訪談內容吧!

古典意象悠然流轉 質感韻律交織光影

「世界在音樂中得到了完整的再現和表達」——德國哲學大師 叔本華。若說音樂為世界注入了靈魂,莊軒誠 設計總監 及俬設計 則藉此次作品,以音樂為介質,為空間豐富生命。實木、烤漆、鍍鈦、石材等多樣性的質地搭配,造就俐落與精緻兼具的場域,彷彿一首高雅的奏鳴曲,翩然地流轉化為具象,使光影也如順應編排的琴音,方寸之間,美學盛開。

2020德國iF設計大獎 虞國綸再躍世界大賞——台北設計之夜特別報導

世界四大設計獎之一的德國 iF 設計大獎(iF DESIGN AWARD),自1954年創辦至今已擁有超過60年的悠久歷史,格綸設計 虞國綸 設計總監 以新生命宅邸之作《酌綠院落》,從全球56國中的7298件作品脫穎而出,奪下大獎,實屬不易。因為疫情緣故,本該於柏林舉辦的頒獎典禮被迫取消,而後於台灣舉行「2020 iF台北設計之夜」的活動,現場吸引許多得獎設計師一起共襄盛舉!

漫遊世界角落 跳脫框架的空間演繹者

於業界耕耘多年,自建築跨足室內設計,川沃設計 謝旻軒 JASON 設計總監 多次挑戰截然不同的空間項目,作品更是遍佈台灣、大陸、東南亞等地。見識到如此豐富的創作能量,不禁令人好奇這位玩遍各式風格,不斷打造特色場域的空間演繹者,當初是怎麼進入設計領域?面對如此多變的外在因素,又是如何在世界各地完成一場場精彩的空間展演?

隨手掇拾光影 細緻淬煉情思

「故事活在光影中。」莊軒誠 設計總監 及俬設計 透過住宅作品《光影-Light & Life》將這句攝影界的名言完美演繹。空間中保留自然光源,疊加木皮、鐵件、烤漆等多種物料,在光影流過的每個瞬間,於不同建材的質地上產生瞬息萬變的形貌,為日常生活捕捉最美的片刻,也為屋主創作最獨特的故事篇章。

一處一景凝聚情感 共享家的藝術山景

美國文化精神代表人物——拉爾夫‧沃爾多‧愛默生曾說:「家庭是父親的王國,母親的世界,兒童的樂園。」「家」的意象,是生活經驗的串連,與情感記憶的積累。在作品《聚合‧傳家 樂沐大喆》中,京璽國際 周彥如 設計總監 以低斂沉穩的手法,摒除繁複精緻的設計始末,實踐崇尚豐美的精神層次——虛實相映、恬淡悠遠,不僅延續家人的至親至愛,更透過藝術、自然手筆臨摹家的豐富表情,共塑一幅美好光景。




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