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跳脫框架展現空間表情 打造暖調經典辦公領域

【本文由 OPEN 編輯部撰寫】

項目定位 Design Proposition

案場原為住宅配置,禾森設計 杜智孟 設計總監 打破格局,將之改造為自家的辦公場域;除了重新設置管線,將天壁塗以色料,更運用過往案例留存的材料,鋪排成為品牌階段性的總集;在有限的工期下,從原先毫無表情的毛胚屋,蛻變成為趣味輪廓的工作空間

The project was originally a residential configuration, however HOE-SEN INTERIOR DESIGN Design Director ZHI MENG DU transformed the pattern into an office layout. In addition to re-set the pipeline, also re-painted the ceiling and the wall with pigment. Furthermore, exploit the materials that remained from the previous cases, thence show up each distinguished stage of the brand.

In view of the tight construction period, yet we successfully transformed the non-decorated space into an interesting office setting.

空間配置及風格情境 Spatial Configuration & Style Circumstance


The whole space adopts open layout, do away the compartments to avoid any spatial waste. The original dining area has transformed into the meeting area and pantry room; at the same time keep the function of the living area, so that the customers and the visitors would feel homey as soon as they step into the space.

Considering most of our customers prefer warm color hue and neoclassical style, so the large back wall rear the sofa, we select the wood tinge checkered wallpaper, which integrates with the base tone of industrial style, thence bring about a plenteous and harmonious spatial ambience.

選材效用 Materials &Cost Effectiveness


Different from the generalized construction procedure, we first paint the ceiling and walls black, and then pave the floor with wood-colored wear-resistant board after the pipelines are setting up. After that, exploit the available materials at hand, comply with the appropriate color hue to layout, so as reflecting the specified feature of the brand - warmth and stylish.

As a consequence, after the completion of the project, in addition bring out the stunning ample spatial impression for the customers; on the other hand, the highly efficiency also greatly enhance their trust.

會客室 The Reception Area


In the square pattern, the furnishing is not in parallel layout. As for the purpose, we hope to convey to our customers of the notion that even if in an ordinary homey space, still can create a brand new style situation via the ingenious decoration.

Because of the proprietor is fond of collecting exhibition artworks, we display those collections in the office, thence shape a cultural gallery of integrating work, art and life.

工作區 The Working Area


The staff working area near the window, bathed in the sunlight, the irregularly designed long tables, so as to let the staff can view the sceneries from different angles, at the same time facilitating for work discussion, moreover link the affection between people.

The selection of the illumination, such as the chandelier from South Africa, paired with cross-shaped lamps, both bring about the glamorous visual effect of the space.

會議區 The Conference Area


Make use of the recycled materials from the previous projects to set the door planks of the cabinets and the bottom of the wall surface, and merely by way of the linear cutting and the tone matching, thence to create a conspicuous vision contrast.

Equipped with the metal material of the ceiling, as well to bring out the elegant and distinguished atmosphere of the space.

辦公室/靈感區 The Inspiration Area


In view to create an area to give full play of exerting creative conception and imagination, we lay out a large number of vivid elements, such as the bookshelf in the middle of the corridor, which can flexibly adjust and create a sense of perspective at the same time; the desk top of particular size and the captivating crossed desk legs, which would depart from the dull working atmosphere; several exceptional artworks mix and match with each other, accordingly, an exclusive zone is born on the spot.

主管辦公室 The Office of the Supervisor



The supervisor's office jumps off the conventional impression, which makes use of the bright forest wallpaper to soften the spatial ambience. Furthermore, by mean of the gradation tinge of different materials at rear, thence bring about an intrigue finishing.

Select top-quality fir board for the office desk, and bead tree logs for the tea making table and sittings, hence showing the exclusive personal style of the supervisor.

Lay up a high back office chair of denim blue that with modern stylish. The double-layer shelf coupled the table, which can be flexible move away, with the creativity of arrangement, meantime injecting a lively atmosphere into the space.








OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒


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藍調肌理勻和 形塑明媚爛燦的家居場所

本案作為瞬間吸睛的樣品屋設計規劃,在 工一設計 王正行 主持設計師 與 Eliz Furniture艾立思國際家飾 的攜手合作之下,於沉穩調性的塗料為主調,配以深色木、石材,展現樸實感受,同時讓低飽和度色彩的軟裝,襯托空間活潑生動,並點綴純色的擺飾品,達到貼切人心的生活感,形塑一處明媚爛燦的家居場所。

2D廣告到3D空間 如何發揮跨行優勢?

近日以住宅作品《家の形》獲得MUSE Design Award、K DESIGN AWARD等國際大獎的 采舍設計 楊詩韻 設計總監,於室內設計業界深耕18年,不僅經手泰式按摩店、百貨公司美食街等多元商空,更以簡約大氣、又不失細膩的住家空間見長。早期工程相關的設計工作,多為男性主導,但她身為女性,又非科班出身,卻巧妙化用美工、廣告等專業,贏得業主與工班雙方的信任,甚至將其淬煉為在設計圈闖蕩的特色優勢;一日午後,楊總監接受OPEN團隊的採訪,揭開自身與品牌「采舍」精彩的幕後故事!

打造幸福「健」築!一條龍設計 一次到位的優質客製化服務

疫情瀰漫之下,氣氛在一片低迷中,仝育設計 莊媛婷、鄭瑞文 總監 近日推出醞釀多年的「一條龍設計」,大膽開創設計圈的嶄新格局,從頭到尾包辦建設開發、營造工程與室內裝修等多項服務!「其實我們一開始,只是單純想幫客戶從根源解決居家困擾。」鄭總監溫和的笑著,並緩緩道出事業發展背後的初心願景,以及自己與莊總監,一路培養、見證仝育成長的體悟。

深淺流彩疏筆畫卷 大筆揮毫幻影流光

好的設計如同雋永詩文,不必花俏鼓譟也能熨貼人心。格綸設計 虞國綸 設計總監 深知空間的直觀外顯,是高度的化繁為簡,透過深刻剖析其中感知面的靡麗,將包括視覺、觸覺以及整體情境等生活相關的層面,不著痕跡地化作硬軟裝的和諧共鳴,在俐落的線條、靜謐的形狀下,恬靜演繹層次分明的場域屬性,散發潛藏當中的源源不絕生命力。

2020 MUSE Design Awards 瑰麗調性設計師奪雙金!

MUSE Design Awards由歷史悠久的國際獎項協會International Awards Associates(IAA)主辦,以發掘全球設計繆思為宗旨,為建築、室內、時尚等領域提供全面的發光舞台,每年嚴格的評分標準,吸引國際知名品牌與設計師爭相參與。

2020 MUSE Design Awards 多彩居家設計師勇摘金獎!

MUSE Design Awards由歷史悠久的國際獎項協會International Awards Associates(IAA)主辦,以發掘全球設計繆思為宗旨,為建築、室內、時尚等領域提供全面的發光舞台,每年嚴格的評分標準,吸引國際知名品牌與設計師爭相參與。



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