Baoshan Village Lures Visitors with Tea Tasting Experiences

【◎Written by Chen Ting-fang ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting ◎Photos by Huang Jing-wen】

 Baoshan Village, in a mountainous part of Kaohsiung City's Taoyuan District, is located 1,300 to 1,500 meters above sea level. The village's average temperature is between 18°C to 24°C. During the summer, when the lowlands are sizzling, Baoshan remains cool and comfortable, making it an attractive travel destination.

 Baoshan is well known for its cherry blossom season, during which blossoms add bursts of magenta and pink to the mountainside. Baoshan's abundance of beautiful scenery has also made it a popular spot for camping. In recent years, new hiking paths and tea-tasting sessions have given tourists additional reasons to visit.

 Fog is common year-round, and this type of environment ensures that the soil is just moist enough for indigenous tea trees to grow. Mr. Ke Shu-shan, managing director of Baoshan Community Development Association, states that indigenous tea trees, some of which grow up to 10 meters high and are over a century old, are very rare and priceless.

 Baoshan is characterized by tea plantations. Over the past decade, the area's indigenous tea has become a promising agricultural product due to its high quality.

 Farmers have transplanted indigenous tea trees to plantations, then pruned the trees to facilitate management and harvesting. Baoshan's indigenous tea trees are cultivated in accordance with organic agriculture principles. The tea leaves produce an exceptionally rich and smooth beverage which exudes flavorful aromas.

 Tea lovers bound for Baoshan Village should contact Baoshan Community Development Association in advance if they wish to book a tea-tasting experience at a tea plantation. There, they can enjoy a cup of indigenous tea, prepared by a plantation owner.

 While in Baoshan, travelers can explore Erjituan Calla Lily Trail, Erjituan Wulong Tea Trail, Erjituan Bunun Gathering Trail (also known as Cherry Blossom Trail), Erjituan Historic Site Trail, Baoshan Wild Tea Trail, and Malishan Coffee Trail.

 Calla Lily Trail and Wulong Tea Trail are both relatively flat and thus suitable for families. Bunun Gathering Trail boasts towering trees and blankets of green grass. From the Historic Site Trail, visitors can appreciate exceptional scenery. Baoshan Wild Tea Trail will bring you to wild tea trees, while hiking Malishan Coffee Trail involves 30 to 40 minutes of walking. Each trail showcases an aspect of the region's unique scenic appeal, while giving travelers fresh air and a sense of relaxation.

 The best time for viewing blossoms has passed, yet Cherry Blossom Park (elevation: 1,500 meters) still offers superb views of cloud-encased mountains. Thanks to a combination of Baoshan's majestic highlands and the village's friendly residents, outsiders who come here often hope to pay a return visit.

For details of tea tasting experiences, contact:

Mr. Ke Shu-shan (managing director, Baoshan Community Development Association) 0912-133-049


左営蓮潭「郭家百年古厝」 歴史を物語るレンガと瓦


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