Ciaojiang Clogs

【◎Written by Chen Ting-fang ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting ◎Photos by Yfung】

 Ciaojiang Clogs is Kaohsiung's only clogs shop. Mr. Yuan Yong-jyun, founder and clog artisan, launched this business around twenty years ago. At first, he sold his wooden clogs from a street stall.

 Mr. Yuan recalls that, two decades ago, the clogs industry was at its peak. Even though clogs do not sell as well as in the good old days, he continues to be passionate when drawing on his immense professional knowledge to introduce suitable clogs to customers.

 Ciaojiang Clogs offers a wide selection of clogs, including those with soles designed to massage the wearer's feet, decorative heels, and various patterns on the upper vamp. Mr. Yuan is determined to make clogs an essential fashion item, and he says that his Japanese customers are especially delighted by the range of fabrics they can select for the upper vamp. If customers are unsure which clogs they should buy, Mr. Yuan is always willing to provide advice according to their needs.

 Mr. Yuan highly recommends clogs to people who suffer from sweaty feet. He has crafted special clogs for customers with this problem, explaining that they provide good ventilation. He does not apply clear lacquer to the soles of clogs for customers with sweaty feet. Instead, he carbonizes them. Mr. Yuan confidently asserts that by wearing clogs, one's feet can stay dry and comfortable.

 He also tailors clogs for little children and cosplayers. Return customers are proof that his skillful craftsmanship is greatly appreciated.

 Clogs can be worn for years if used properly, Mr. Yuan says. He reminds his customers to avoid splitting the wooden soles, and he can replace the upper vamp if needed. Saying he derives great satisfaction from seeing his customers' happy faces when they receive their tailormade clogs, Mr. Yuan is determined to resist the industry's decline, and continue serving Kaohsiung's clog-wearers.

Ciaojiang Clogs

No. 13, Yongfu St., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City

Phone: 0933-308-390

Business hours: 09:00-21:00 (Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only)






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Ciaojiang Clogs

 Ciaojiang Clogs is Kaohsiung's only clogs shop. Mr. Yuan Yong-jyun, founder and clog artisan, launched this business around twenty years ago. At first, he sold his wooden clogs from a street stall.

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