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Mituo District's Fishing Village, Fish Ball and Badlands Landscape

【◎Written by Chen Ting-fang ◎Photos by Zeng Sin-yao ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting】

 Mituo District is located in one of Kaohsiung City's coastal districts. Two thirds of Mituo District is comprised of mostly milkfish aquaculture ponds. Hence, Mituo District has become known as the hometown of milkfish. As a result, various milkfish products have been developed.

 Milkfish balls have become a popular local delicacy. Singyi Fish Balls Shop have been making fish balls for more than 40 years. Singyi's milkfish balls are always served fresh and have a chewy texture. Popular hot milkfish balls are only available before noon.

 Mituo District stretches 4 kilometers along Kaohsiung's coastline. Mr. Jhang Bo-ren is a local fisherman and owner of the Milkfish Home Cafe. It is the only cafe that provides views of the district's beautiful coastline. Mr. Jhang Bo-ren said that when guests come for a coffee, they can enjoy the coastline's panoramic view and feel more relaxed and refreshed.

 Mituo is also a great place for nature lovers. One place that is worth exploring is Tadi Mountain Natural Park. It covers 56 hectares and has magnificent views of the mudstone badlands. Mr. Jhang Jhe-nan, a senior volunteer from Mituo Miluogang Cultural and Historical Association, points out that Tadi Mountain Natural Park is the only coastal badlands in Taiwan.

 Due to its bare landscape, the soil is not very resistant during rain storms. The surface absorbs water and expands and when the sun comes out, the surface becomes dry and cracks. Repeated wetting and drying processes have formed exposed ridges and gullies. It exemplifies the powers of Mother Nature.

 During the Japanese colonial period, Tadi Mountain was a military base. The ROC military maintained the base until it was closed in 2006. The area then came under the responsibility of Mituo District Office. Tadi Mountain Natural Park was opened to the public in 2007.

 At 53 meters above sea level, Tadi is the tallest mountain in the region. It is also a great place to watch the sunset. At the top there is an observation deck where visitors can look out over the surrounding aquaculture farms. Photographers enjoy capturing the sunset that reflects off the numerous ponds.

◎Singyi Fish Balls Shop

No. 330, Jhongjheng Road, Mituo District, Kaohsiung City


Operation hours: 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.

◎Milkfish Home Cafe

No. 31-1, Guangming Lane, Nanliao Road, Mituo District, Kaohsiung City


Operation hours: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

◎Tadi Mountain Natural Park

Entrance is located the end of Shanding Road, Tadi Village, Mituo District, Kaohsiung City


Introducing Hamasen Coffee Shop

 The long-awaited Hamasen Coffee Shop opened to public this January. It is housed in what used to be Sanwa Bank's Kaohsiung branch. This building, which dates from the 1895-1945 period of Japanese colonial rule, was located on Hamasen's First Financial Street (now known as Linhai 1st Road).

Cianjhen Fishing Port

 Taiwan is considered a reliable international fishing partner, while Taiwan's fishing vessels span three continents. Taiwan is one of the world's top three tuna, squid and saury producers. Although, Cianjhen Fishing Port is not a tourist fishing market, it is Taiwan's most important fishing port.





新濱・駅前 銀行百年の歴史的空間で飲む一杯のコーヒー


前鎮漁港 早朝限定の魚市場の風景


Meinong's Wild Lotus

 Meinong District is a charming countryside Hakka township. Its vibrant Hakka culture and picturesque mountainous landscape make it a fascinating destination for travelers. There are many interesting aspects of Hakka culture that can be experienced, such as taking a tour of the red-brick sanhe yuans

Longguo Embroidery Workshop

 Longguo Embroidery Workshop is the only embroidery business in Kaohsiung that specializes in traditional handmade religious items. Mr. Chen Hai-cing established the shop 55 years ago, and he has passed the torch to his son, Mr. Chen Zong-sheng. Mr. Chen Hai-cing's embroidery skills belong to the Min school of Chinese embroidery, which was brought to Taiwan by early migrants from China's Fujian Province. Min-style embroidery is noted for its extravagance.

Sing Village: Reviving a Cultural Landscape

 Sing Village, a military dependents' village in Kaohsiung's Gangshan District, has been recognized as a Cultural Landscape by Kaohsiung City Government's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.  During the period of Japanese colonial rule, the village was a dormitory for air force pilots. When the ROC Government took control of Taiwan, it continued to house air force personnel. Back then, Sing Village was the most sophisticated military dependents' community in Gangshan District.






 皆が待ち焦がれていた今年の「内門 宋江陣」が、2月22日に内門紫竹寺で盛大に開幕した。内門宋江陣は、高雄市内門区で毎年行われる伝統的な行事だ。武陣が登場し、習武者たちが太鼓のリズムに合わせ軽快な踊りを見せる。動きの一つ一つがたくましく活気に溢れ、精彩を放っている。その姿に、観客はひと時も目をそらすことができない。




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