3種水果、海鮮風味香料恐致癌 食藥署擬禁用

Shan Ming Tea Shop

【◎Written by Chen Ting-fang ◎Photos by Cater ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting】

 Shan Ming Tea Shop, is a beloved Yancheng-based local business, which was founded by Liao Wan-he in 1946. It is currently being run by third generation Liao Sheng-jhong. Although, Shan Ming Tea Shop began in Yancheng, the company has now expanded to include three other branches. Among its most popular products are its high-quality loose leaf teas that are favored by both domestic customers and those from aboard.

 Liao Sheng-jhong reminisces about when his grandfather, Liao Wan-he, spent his weeks delivering teas by bicycle. He admires his grandfather for his dedication to Shan Ming Tea Shop, and everything he has taught him about tea culture. His grandfather's bicycle is now forever commemorated in the company's logo.

 Shan Ming Tea Shop's loose leaf teas and its variety of other types of tea have generated a large number of loyal customers. Some of its other popular teas include oolong tea, Jinxuan oolong tea and Jasmine green tea, etc. It has become very popular with Japanese tourists. Frequent customers appreciate Shan Ming's high quality teas. Liao Sheng-jhong and his employees always remember their loyal guests and get their orders ready as soon as they walk in the shop.

 Tea lovers can also make bookings for ice drip teas. Ice drip teas are brewed the same way as ice drip coffees. They take 6 to 8 hours to brew. Ice drip teas are available only at the Shan Ming Jhan-2 Warehouse (KW2) branch. Ice drip teas have a pleasant fragrance, and Shan Ming offers a variety of teas to choose from. They also get a lot of milk tea enthusiasts come in for its famous Taiwanese milk tea. Customers like it because Shan Ming uses only the highest quality of ingredients, fresh milk and traditional homemade preparation processes. Six types of teas are selected and are made with the proper proportion, resulting in a delicious flavor and beautiful tea color. Made from the best ingredients, Shan Ming's smooth teas are subtly sweet and rich in flavor. Another popular product is their tea flavored soft ice creams. Flavors are based on a variety of teas, such as oolong and green tea, tieguanyin oolong tea, Assam milk tea and regular milk tea etc. Shan Ming's tasty ice cream is made of natural ingredients and does not add emulsifiers.

 Shan Ming Tea Shop takes great pride in its years of culture heritage and tea service. Although the society around it is continuously changing, the 84-year-old tea shop continues to be extremely popular with customers and maintains high quality aromatic teas.

Shan Ming Tea Shop

Address:No. 264 Wufu 4th Road, Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City

Tel: (07)551-4374

Hours of operation: 9 am to 9 pm (closed Wednesdays)


Take Kaohsiung Metro’s Orange Line to Yanchengpu Station. Leave the station at Exit 4 and turn right onto Wufu 4th Road. Continue walking straight along Wufu 4th Road for approximately 10 minutes.


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Cianjhen Fishing Port

 Taiwan is considered a reliable international fishing partner, while Taiwan's fishing vessels span three continents. Taiwan is one of the world's top three tuna, squid and saury producers. Although, Cianjhen Fishing Port is not a tourist fishing market, it is Taiwan's most important fishing port.





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前鎮漁港 早朝限定の魚市場の風景


Meinong's Wild Lotus

 Meinong District is a charming countryside Hakka township. Its vibrant Hakka culture and picturesque mountainous landscape make it a fascinating destination for travelers. There are many interesting aspects of Hakka culture that can be experienced, such as taking a tour of the red-brick sanhe yuans

Longguo Embroidery Workshop

 Longguo Embroidery Workshop is the only embroidery business in Kaohsiung that specializes in traditional handmade religious items. Mr. Chen Hai-cing established the shop 55 years ago, and he has passed the torch to his son, Mr. Chen Zong-sheng. Mr. Chen Hai-cing's embroidery skills belong to the Min school of Chinese embroidery, which was brought to Taiwan by early migrants from China's Fujian Province. Min-style embroidery is noted for its extravagance.

Sing Village: Reviving a Cultural Landscape

 Sing Village, a military dependents' village in Kaohsiung's Gangshan District, has been recognized as a Cultural Landscape by Kaohsiung City Government's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.  During the period of Japanese colonial rule, the village was a dormitory for air force pilots. When the ROC Government took control of Taiwan, it continued to house air force personnel. Back then, Sing Village was the most sophisticated military dependents' community in Gangshan District.






 皆が待ち焦がれていた今年の「内門 宋江陣」が、2月22日に内門紫竹寺で盛大に開幕した。内門宋江陣は、高雄市内門区で毎年行われる伝統的な行事だ。武陣が登場し、習武者たちが太鼓のリズムに合わせ軽快な踊りを見せる。動きの一つ一つがたくましく活気に溢れ、精彩を放っている。その姿に、観客はひと時も目をそらすことができない。




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