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Love River Avenue of Stars

【◎Written by Winnie ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting ◎Photo courtesy of Information Bureau ◎Photo by Huang Jing-wen】

 Both the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California and the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui attract streams of visitors who wish to pay tribute to their favorite celebrities. Last November, Love River Avenue of Stars, on the bank of Love River at Hedong Road, officially opened to the public. Love River, one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, is now more romantic than ever thanks to the dizzying collection of celebrity handprints along Avenue of Stars.

 Kaohsiung's Avenue of Stars was part of the Chen Chen Gala 2019. Ms. Chen Chen is an actress of global renown, and famous in ethnic Chinese communities on different continents. She was honored as the Best Leading Actress at the Asia Film Festival (now called the Asia-Pacific Film Festival), and she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 50th Golden Horse Awards in 2013. On top of that, Ms. Chen Chen is now Kaohsiung City Government's Charity Ambassador.

 Last July, Ms. Chen Chen led a group of film and entertainment celebrities from both Hong Kong and Taiwan to participate in the Chen Chen Gala 2019 in Kaohsiung. This series of activities included an opening ceremony and red carpet, a film industry discussion, the Chen Chen Film Festival, the Chen Chen 55-year Film Career Exhibition, as well as a visit to the Early Intervention Center for Children in Kaohsiung's Fongshan District, and meeting elderly folks at Kaohsiung Senior Citizen Service Center.

 Love River Avenue of Stars and its celebrity handprints have become the city's latest attraction. Currently, there are 50 handprints, including Ms. Chen Chen; Mr. Wang Toon (another recipient of the Golden Horse Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award); Ms. Chang Hsiao-yen (Lifetime Achievement Award, Golden Bell Awards); Mr. Blue Lan (Best Leading Actor in a Television Series, Golden Bell Awards); actresses Ms. Gingle Wang and Ms. Wu Ke-xi; directors Mr. Lee Hsing and Mr. Chu Yen-ping; Akira, a Japanese actor, dancer, and pop star; beloved Taiwanese dancer Ms. Lee Tsai-o; Mr. Pi Wu, Pokemon Video Game Junior Division Finals Champion in the 2019 Pokemon World Championships and Kaohsiung's tourism spokesperson for October 2019; Mr. Chuang Chih-yuan, a famous Taiwanese table tennis player; and Ms. Chen Zi-yu and Ms. Lin Tai-chen, both survivors of the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions and inspiring wheelchair athletes.

 On November 29, 2019, Deputy Mayor Yeh Kuang-shih, Ms. Chen Chen and Mr. Pi Wu attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of Love River Avenue of Stars. Deputy Mayor Yeh pointed out that Kaohsiung manifests its romantic side through Love River and its joyful engagement with the ocean. Accompanied by the distinguished guests, the deputy mayor strolled along the Avenue of Stars to appreciate the scenery. Deputy Mayor Yeh expressed his gratitude to Ms. Chen Chen, who called on other stars to participate in various philanthropic activities in Kaohsiung, including the Home for the Disabled, the Senior Citizen Service Center, and the Early Intervention Center.

 The Chen Chen Gala 2019 brought many film, entertainment, and cultural-creative industry professionals to Kaohsiung. The Chen Chen Film Festival showed 14 movies starring Ms. Chen Chen, signifying the city government's enormous respect for her and the film crews who have contributed to the movie industry. The gala also raised NT$4.1 million from its participants, and this fund was donated to Kaohsiung City Government's Social Affairs Bureau to assist children who are in need of help. Also, on July 13 Ms. Chen Chen led more than ten stars to Kaohsiung Senior Citizen Service Center, where they had a great time with over 200 elderly citizens. Even though the Chen Chen Gala is over, Love River Avenue of Stars is a permanent witness to the romance of Love River.

Love River Avenue of Stars

On the bank of Love River at Hedong Rd., between Minsheng 2nd Rd. and Wufu 3rd Rd.


Introducing Hamasen Coffee Shop

 The long-awaited Hamasen Coffee Shop opened to public this January. It is housed in what used to be Sanwa Bank's Kaohsiung branch. This building, which dates from the 1895-1945 period of Japanese colonial rule, was located on Hamasen's First Financial Street (now known as Linhai 1st Road).

Cianjhen Fishing Port

 Taiwan is considered a reliable international fishing partner, while Taiwan's fishing vessels span three continents. Taiwan is one of the world's top three tuna, squid and saury producers. Although, Cianjhen Fishing Port is not a tourist fishing market, it is Taiwan's most important fishing port.





新濱・駅前 銀行百年の歴史的空間で飲む一杯のコーヒー


前鎮漁港 早朝限定の魚市場の風景


Meinong's Wild Lotus

 Meinong District is a charming countryside Hakka township. Its vibrant Hakka culture and picturesque mountainous landscape make it a fascinating destination for travelers. There are many interesting aspects of Hakka culture that can be experienced, such as taking a tour of the red-brick sanhe yuans

Longguo Embroidery Workshop

 Longguo Embroidery Workshop is the only embroidery business in Kaohsiung that specializes in traditional handmade religious items. Mr. Chen Hai-cing established the shop 55 years ago, and he has passed the torch to his son, Mr. Chen Zong-sheng. Mr. Chen Hai-cing's embroidery skills belong to the Min school of Chinese embroidery, which was brought to Taiwan by early migrants from China's Fujian Province. Min-style embroidery is noted for its extravagance.

Sing Village: Reviving a Cultural Landscape

 Sing Village, a military dependents' village in Kaohsiung's Gangshan District, has been recognized as a Cultural Landscape by Kaohsiung City Government's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.  During the period of Japanese colonial rule, the village was a dormitory for air force pilots. When the ROC Government took control of Taiwan, it continued to house air force personnel. Back then, Sing Village was the most sophisticated military dependents' community in Gangshan District.






 皆が待ち焦がれていた今年の「内門 宋江陣」が、2月22日に内門紫竹寺で盛大に開幕した。内門宋江陣は、高雄市内門区で毎年行われる伝統的な行事だ。武陣が登場し、習武者たちが太鼓のリズムに合わせ軽快な踊りを見せる。動きの一つ一つがたくましく活気に溢れ、精彩を放っている。その姿に、観客はひと時も目をそらすことができない。




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