幾度算發燒?全台標準不一 下周開學恐現「溫差之亂」

紐時賞析/全美瘋電動滑板車 紐約偏說不

一對男女在華府白宮附近共乘電動滑板車。 路透
一對男女在華府白宮附近共乘電動滑板車。 路透

Electric Scooters Are Sweeping the Country. New York Says Not So Fast.

全美瘋電動滑板車 紐約偏說不

When Helmis Ortega visited Atlanta not long ago, he toured the city on an electric scooter. Once back in New York City, he was struck by the scooter-free streets.


“It blew my mind,” said Ortega, a paralegal who lives in Upper Manhattan. “How do we not have this here?”


The answer is simple: Officials do not believe the biggest — and most crowded — city in the country is ready for scooters.


Companies like Bird and Lime that rent scooters in other cities have stayed away from New York because the devices are technically illegal. Rule breakers could get hit with a $500 fine or have their scooter confiscated.


So New Yorkers, long proud of their status as cultural trendsetters on everything from fashion to Cronuts, have been left out of the scooter craze sweeping the nation.


Electric scooters have appeared in dozens of cities — from Los Angeles to Washington and across the Midwest — winning plenty of fans and at least as many enemies who view them as a nuisance. They are a cheap way to get around, for fun or commuting, and are faster than walking and more enjoyable than sitting in traffic.


The devices recently became legal in New Jersey, where they have already flooded the streets of Hoboken, just across the Hudson River. But it appears that electric scooters are unlikely to arrive in New York City anytime soon.


Leaders in New York are reluctant to change the law and worry that scooters are too dangerous, especially in an increasingly congested Manhattan where cars, pedestrians and cyclists are already competing for limited street space.


Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is known to work out on a stationary bike at the gym, has scoffed at the idea of riding a scooter.“I just don’t like the idea personally, because I’m like, ‘If you’re going to move around why are you not getting some exercise?’” the mayor told reporters last fall. “It seems really passive to me.”


His lack of enthusiasm has not stopped rental companies from lobbying local leaders. The companies have spent at least $475,000 on lobbying for electric scooters and bikes at the state and city level during the first four months of this year, according to state records. Bird and Jump Bikes, an Uber subsidiary, each spent at least $100,000 on lobbying.


文/Emma G. Fitzsimmons 譯/羅方妤

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紐時賞析/全美瘋電動滑板車 紐約偏說不

When Helmis Ortega visited Atlanta not long ago, he toured the city on an electric scooter. Once back in New York City, he was struck by the scooter-free streets.

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